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KLM World Business Class modification

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Update February 2017: the modification of the whole Boeing fleet is completed!

KLM World Business Class Modification

A full-flat seat in business class is the standard nowadays. The Boeing 747 fleet of KLM has offered the guarantee for a full-flat seat for a long time now, and since December 2015 the whole Boeing 777-200ER fleet has been retrofitted with the new World Business Class (WBC) seat as well. The newest 787-9 aircraft offer an even newer seat type with the reverse herringbone; fully flat and with aisle access for every passenger. But what about the last type for long-haul flights, the Boeing 777-300ER? In this article, you can read an update about the current state of affairs concerning the retrofit of this aircraft type with the new business class seat.

KLM World Business Class modification
The new WBC seat to be fitted on the 777-300ER

Factory deliveries

KLM has 12 Boeing 777-300ER’s currently in the fleet. All aircraft since the PH-BVN have been fitted in the factory with the new World Business Class seat already. This applies additionally to the PH-BVO, -BVP and -BVR, and all later letters that are still to be delivered.


Aircraft of this type that were delivered earlier are still equipped with an intermediate product, similar to the seat Air France offers on some of its aircraft. These aircraft need to be retrofitted. Besides a new WBC seat, the modification also includes brand new seats and entertainment systems in Economy Class.

KLM World Business Class modification
The old seat onboard the 777-300ER

The first aircraft has already been retrofitted; the PH-BVA which has also been given a special orange livery during the modification. This modification took almost 2 months because it also included certification as the first aircraft to undergo the process. Subsequent retrofits are expected to take 3 weeks.

KLM World Business Class modification
The PH-BVA in orange livery


According to website Scramble.nl the modification of the remaining aircraft of this type will only start after the Summer peak, as KLM can use the capacity the coming months. The second modified aircraft, the PH-BVB, should be finished in September. Subsequently, another aircraft should be retrofitted every month. This means every 777-300ER will have the new WBC from March 2017. This is later than the original deadline which was by the end of 2016.

New WBC on my flight?

How can you check if your flight is operated by a 777-300ER aircraft featuring the new seat? First of all, you can check KLM’s website. The seat map during booking or in Manage My Booking shows if your flight has the new WBC or not. This, however, is of course no guarantee, certainly not well in advance as specific aircrafts assigned can change for a number of reasons. Closer to departure, one day before your flight to be exact, you can look up your flight on the website of Schiphol Airport and check the registration which will operate your flight. This you can crosscheck with the registrations below to find out if your aircraft is fitted with the new seats.

Boeing 777-300ER met nieuwe WBC: PH-BVA PH-BVN PH-BVO PH-BVP PH-BVR Boeing 777-300ER zonder nieuwe WBC: PH-BVB PH-BVC PH-BVD PH-BVF PH-BVG PH-BVI PH-BVK Per 22-6-2016
Check on Schiphol’s website which registration will operate your flight

Boeing 777-300ER with new WBC:

  • PH-BVA
  • PH-BVB
  • PH-BVN
  • PH-BVO
  • PH-BVP
  • PH-BVR

Boeing 777-300ER without new WBC:

  • PH-BVC
  • PH-BVD
  • PH-BVF
  • PH-BVG
  • PH-BVI
  • PH-BVK

As of 16-10-2016

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