Automated border passage at Amsterdam for non-EU citizens with RTP-NL

Registered Traveller Program Nederland

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There finally seems to be some progress with the Registered Traveller Programme NL (RTP-NL); a collaboration between Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the Dutch Royal Military Police and Ministry of Justice and Security. Under RTP-NL, certain non-EU/Swiss/EEA citizens can make use of the automated passport gates on both arrival and departure at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The project manager for RTP-NL told InsideFlyer it aims to go live in March 2019, after multiple delays. The e-gate access will be available to passport holders from New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong, South-Korea, Japan, Singapore, the US and Australia.

How RTP-NL works

Citizens from the aforementioned countries do not automatically have access to RTP-NL. Registration is required, but is free of charge. Once the programme is live, there will be registration offices at every arrival checkpoint. The traveller’s passport will be checked and an automated background check will be performed. Travellers may also be asked about the purpose of their visit, duration and funds available. This should take less than 10 minutes and afterwards, passengers can use the e-gates both on arrival and departure. Because of the Schengen-agreement,  non-EU passengers still need to receive a stamp. An agent will be stationed after the automated gates to provide this.

Registered Traveller Program Nederland
Registration is free and can be done upon arrival at every checkpoint

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