[English] Entire KLM longhaul fleet fitted with full-flat seats in World Business Class1 min leestijd

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This is a translation of https://insideflyer.nl/modificatie-klm-a330s-compleet-hele-ica-vloot-heeft-full-flat-wbc/

KLM has finally completed the installation of full-flat World Business Class seats across their entire longhaul fleet. The Boeing fleet has had full-flat seats for almost two years now, but KLM was undecided for a while what to do with the Airbus fleet. After making great process with retrofitting the A330’s last year, KLM  confirmed to InsideFlyer that all flying longhaul aircraft now have a full-flat seat in WBC. The last A330-200, the PH-AOF, is currently in the hangar undergoing the upgrade.

An overview of the different types of seats.

Boeing 747 and 777 World Business Class

The Boeing 747 and 777 share the same type of seat; the ‘original’ full-flat World Business Class design. Generally these are in rows of 2 except on some rows on the 747, where there is a single seat.

KLM World Business Class modification

KLM World Business Class Boeing 777 Denpasar Singapore
On the 777

Boeing 787 Dreamliner World Business Class

On KLM’s Dreamliners, there is a reverse herringbone style seat in 1-2-1 lay-out, meaning that every passenger has direct aisle access.

In the Boeing 787-10, due to be delivered in mid 2019, a modified seat from Japanese manufacturer JAMCO will be featured.

KLM 787-10 World Business Class stoel

Airbus A330-200 and A330-300 World Business Class

In the Airbus aircraft, KLM has opted for a different kind of cabin, comparable to the B/E Diamond seat. Here the lay-out is 2-2-2.


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