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KLM has quite a range of World Business Class seats – so it can be difficult to know which flight offers the most comfort. The soft product; catering and service, is relatively similar for each flight, but the seat itself – the hard product – is quite important when it comes to comfort, as it can change from plane to plane. This guide will hopefully help you when you book your next KLM World Business Class flight: you will know what to expect on each aircraft type, so that you can choose the best flight with maximum comfort.

The New New World Business Class

KLM’s newest business class product, the reverse herringbone seat manufactured by Zodiac, can soon be found on the airline’s new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. This modern aircraft will feature the very popular reverse herringbone business class seat in a 1-2-1 configuration (click). This type of seat can also be found on Cathay Pacific and Qatar Airways. KLM’s Dreamliner will make its first passenger flight to Bahrein, via Abu Dhabi, on the 25th of October.

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The New World Business Class

KLM started installing new business class seats near the end of 2013, first on the Boeing 747 and now progressively on the Boeing 777 aircrafts. This seat can be found on all the Boeing 747s and about half of the B777-200s. This seat turns into a 180 degree flat bed seat and therefore offers maximum sleeping comfort. You can tell whether you’re going to fly a refurbished 777 by looking at the seatmap of the aircraft, as the new business class is in a 2-2-2 configuration, in stead of the old 2-3-2 configuration. You can find a written review of this business class here (click), and a YouTube video review about it here (click).

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The ‘777’ Angled World Business Class

The unrefurbished Boeing 777-300ER has the same seat as the old Air France Business Class. This seat has a relatively modern inflight entertainment system, but the seat itself can only go 175 degrees flat. You’ll therefore be sleeping on an angle when this seat is in bed mode. You can recognize this aircraft when you’re booking a flight by its 2-3-2 configuration.

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The ‘A330-300’ Angled World Business Class

KLM has yet another angled business class seat on their Airbus A330-300. You can find a modern inflight entertainment system on this aircraft, but the seat itself can only go 172 degrees flat. The A330 luckily has a 2-2-2 configuration, so there’s no middel seat to get stuck in.

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The Old World Business Class

This business class seat was introduced more than 10 years ago by KLM, so this product is showing quite some age and we’ll hopefully say goodbye to this seat very soon. The inflight entertainment is very old and of bad quality as well. The seat can almost go 170 degrees flat, a very strong incline, which will not provide a very comfortable sleep compared to other business class products. The best thing to do is to avoid this business class. The old World Business Class product can be found on all the Airbus A330-200s and the unrefurbished Boeing 777-200s. You can recognize the old B777-200 with its 2-3-2 configuration.

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KLM has obviously got way too many different business class seats, but they’re luckily in the process of changing this. This guide will hopefully help you with your next booking, because the type of business class you fly in really does impact the amount of comfort you have during a flight – a full-flat bed is way better than an angled seat you keep slipping off!

How many of KLM’s World Business Class seats have you flown in?

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