Albert Heijn Koopzegels - possible to do manufactured spending?

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    Hi Folks,

    For each Euro of shopping you do at Albert Heijn, you can buy a koopzegel for €0.1 each with a face value of €0.1. When you trade in €49 worth of stamps, you get €52 value back. Representing a 6% Return on investment.

    But to get the opportunity to buy €49 of stamps, you need to do €490 of shopping.

    As I am currently decorating my house, I bought some Gamma vouchers as a test. And from that I discovered yesterday that if you buy gift cards at Albert Heijn then you are also eligible to buy the stamps, so this creates the need to do manufactured spending.

    But is it possible? How can we daisy-chain something together to profit? Air miles are nice, but cash is even better!

    I was trying to brainstorm last night.:

    • I have a KVK registration, and therefore a BTW number so if I use these gift cards at Gamma I could potentially receive the BTW back on anything I buy, in addition to the €3 saved from koopzegels. So that is potentially €490-(€490/1.21) + 3 = €(490-404.95+3) = €88.05 assuming I spend my vouchers on stuff at Gamma.
    • If you can buy anything at Gamma (or any other store which has gift cards sold by Albert Heijn) and resell it at face value then that works too.
    • Albert Heijn also sells 3V gift cards for €25 each
    • There are plenty of other store vouchers sold by Albert Heijn, including Praxis, iTunes
    • Albert Heijn at Schiphol accepts Visa so if you have a points earning Visa card then you can add the value gained in.
    Let's get something going... This could be our closest opportunity to do manufactured spending!
    vlieggraagverweg vindt dit leuk.
  2. Quinten

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    Als je 'gewoon' iets bij Gamma zou kopen, zou je die BTW ook terug kunnen vragen, dus die €85,05 is niet echt een besparing. Bovendien moet je met de aangekochte Gamma-producten toevallig nét nodig hebben. Als je al voor 6% teveel koopt, is je voordeel verdwenen. Voor alle moeite en de geringe opbrengst vind ik het niet interessant.

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